Thursday, 12 May 2016


Turkish construction sector put a firm stamp at the Turkish-German Investment Summit organized by the Maleki Group, one of the leading financial communications companies of International Bankers Forum IBF Germany.
“Turkey invested $50 billion in the construction sector in 2015. Our goal is to build 1.2 million houses by 2023. We will hold tenders for the construction of 60 thousand houses this year. Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) currently cooperates with 93 countries and will work with international partners in its new giant projects.” TOKİ Vice President Mehmet Özçelik said in his speech.
During the summit, foreign investors were invited to invest in Turkey. “Those who believe in the value of Istanbul will win.” CEO of the sponsoring Cathay Group Mehmet Yılmaz indicated.
Following are the 5 reasons why investing in Turkey is attractive for European investors:
* Returns are around 20-22% in Turkey while 5-10% in Europe
* Housing prices lower than Europe
* Houses being renewed under urban transformation
* Brand cities on the rise
* Attractive in terms of location and natural beauties

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