Monday, 28 March 2016

Qatari CEO – Hamad el-Hedfa: There is only one Istanbul

Top Manager (CEO) of one of the biggest property investment firms Mazaya Qatar, Hamad el-Hedfa says, “Property prices of Istanbul is lower than many metropolis in Europe. It is impossible to lose for one who invests in Istanbul. Because there is only one Istanbul. In medium and long term it is going to be a definite profit.” and underlines that the opportunities in the real estate market will continue in medium and long term.

Commenting that Turkey is very essential for Qatar Hedfa said, in sense of economy Qatari people have big interest towards Turkey.

Hedfa sees that the progress of the property sector in last 10 years as “Magnificent” and says “We believe the opportunities and resources will carry on in medium and long term in the near future.
Hedfa explains that Turkey is reliable and convenient market in terms of investment according to them, believing strongly and not only consider but taking actions about investing in Turkey.  


“In addition to the strategic macro cooperation and brotherhood between Qatar and Turkey, this new fund will attract attention of individual and corporate investors considering that there is a strong interest to Turkish property market.” Hedfa remarked.

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