Monday, 28 March 2016

Qatari CEO – Hamad el-Hedfa: There is only one Istanbul

Top Manager (CEO) of one of the biggest property investment firms Mazaya Qatar, Hamad el-Hedfa says, “Property prices of Istanbul is lower than many metropolis in Europe. It is impossible to lose for one who invests in Istanbul. Because there is only one Istanbul. In medium and long term it is going to be a definite profit.” and underlines that the opportunities in the real estate market will continue in medium and long term.

Commenting that Turkey is very essential for Qatar Hedfa said, in sense of economy Qatari people have big interest towards Turkey.

Hedfa sees that the progress of the property sector in last 10 years as “Magnificent” and says “We believe the opportunities and resources will carry on in medium and long term in the near future.
Hedfa explains that Turkey is reliable and convenient market in terms of investment according to them, believing strongly and not only consider but taking actions about investing in Turkey.  


“In addition to the strategic macro cooperation and brotherhood between Qatar and Turkey, this new fund will attract attention of individual and corporate investors considering that there is a strong interest to Turkish property market.” Hedfa remarked.

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الرئيس التنفيذي القطري حمد الحدفة يوجد فقط اسطنبول واحدة

المدير الاعلى لواحدة من أكبر شركات الاستثمار العقاري (مزايا قطر ) حمد الحدفة قال :ان أسطنبول هي الاقل في سعر العقارات

من عدة دول اوروبية ,من المستحيل ان يخسر من يستثمر في اسطنبول لانه لا يوجد سوى اسطنبول واحدة على المدى  المتوسط  والطويل سوف يكون الربح أكيد والاكثر اهمية الفرص في سوق العقارات سوف يستمر في المدى  المتوسط والطويل
معلقا بان تركيا هي جوهر قطر, وقال ان حس اقصاد الشعب القطري لديه مصلحة كبيرة نحو تركيا
ويرى حدفة بان استمرار قطاع العقارات في السنوات العشرة  الاخيرة كان رائع ,وقال :نحن نؤمن بأن الفرص والموارد سوف تقود الى المدى المتوسط والطويل في المستقبل القريب .ويشرح حدفة بان تركيا سوق مناسب وموثوق في شروط الاستثمار بالنسبة لها ,وتؤمن بقوة ولا تنظر فقط و لكن تاخد اعمال حول الاستثمار في تركيا
الاهتمام الاقليمي قوي جدا

بالاضافة الى التعاون الكلي والاستراتيجي والاخوي بين قطر وتركيا ,هذا راس مال جديد سوف يجذب انتباه الافراد ومستثمري الشركات باعتبار ان هناك مصلحة قوية لسوق العقار التركي ,لاحظ حدفة  

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

تركيا حيث اكثر ازدياد اسعار منازل في العالم

وفقا لتقرير شركة القطاع العالمي القائم في انكلترا (كنايت فرانك )في 2015 تركيا كانت البلد حيث اسعار العقارات الاكثر ازديادا في العالم

وفقا لتقرير السنة الماضية اسعار العقارات في تركيا ازدادت الى 18.4%

ربط الشرق بالغرب ومع تنامي عدد السكان القوي تركيا تعتبر كميناء امن لمستثمرين الشرق اكثر واكثر (قالت كنايت فرانك )

جدول اسعار المنازل العالمية الذي نشرته (فرانك ) يغطي 55 دولة

وتزداد اسعار المنازل العالمية الى 3% في 2015 وفقا للتقرير 

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Turkey is where the house prices have increased the most in the world

According to report of global real estate company based in England 'Knight Frank', in 2015 Turkey was the country where the property prices increased the most in the world.

According to the report, last year the property prices in Turkey increased by 18.4%

"Connecting East and West and with strong population growth Turkey is considered as a safe harbor by the Eastern investors more and more" says Knight Frank.

'Global House Price Index' report that Knight Frank published is covering 55 countries.

Globally house prices increased by 3% in 2015 according to the report.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Property Market in Turkey

Property Market in Turkey

written by "A Place in the Sun"

With a vast and stunning coastline which gets easier to reach each year, southwest Turkey continues to attract British buyers in their thousands. Don’t jump in without reading our indispensible guide.
Vibrantly diverse and one of our most exciting emerging markets, Turkey remains a mid-table mainstay of our Top Ten Places to Buy 2015.
Each year it gets slightly easier to buy and a more firmly established market for overseas buyers – in fact at the close of 2014 it finally became a reality that purchasers of resale properties could get their title deeds in one day.
Despite fierce competition in the last few years from the depressed property prices of Spain, Turkey still remains great alternative to the Costas for coastal properties well under the £100k threshold; whilst at the other end of the spectrum it attracts high-end buyers for its affordability when weighed against the Cote D’Azur or Sardinia.
Its huge south-west coastline littered with ancient remains and unspoilt beaches still offers plenty of potential, and over 35,000 Brits own a property on the shores of the Mediterranean, along with a good number of Scandinavians, continental Europeans and a growing number of Russian and Middle Eastern investors. Some uncertainty surrounding the elections in Turkey is now over, and the Turkish lira is on its way back up as a result.
Competitively low living costs are also a big factor, especially for the semi-retired or fully relocating families. Local produce, labour costs, healthcare, education and property taxes are all low; and how does council tax of £35 per year appeal? Utility costs are much lower than in nearby Cyprus.
Winters are much warmer than the UK – at least in the southern seaside areas where British people usually buy and especially at the Antalya end of this vast coastline.
It’s also getting easier to find a direct flight from the UK in the off-season.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

الاستثمار الاجنبي في تركيا يزداد الى 32,4% في 2015

تقرير وكالة الاناضول البارحة ,الاستثمار الاجنبي في تركيا يصل الى 16,583 بيليون دولار في 2015 ,ازدياد الى 32,4% مقارنة بالسنة الماضية

وفقا لبيان وزير الاقتصاد التركي كان صافي الاستثمار الاجنبي المباشر في كانو الاول 2015 فقط 1,645 بيلون دولار

في ال 2015  4,925 شركات اجنبية جديدة وفروع لشركات اجنبية كانت قد أنشات في تركيا ’ بالاضافة لمساهمة رأس المال الاجنبي مع 199شركة محلية تركية , هذا يعني ان 47,187 شركة في البلد تعمل مع راس المال الاجنبي

الاغلبية من هذه الدول تعمل في اسطنبول التي هي موطن ل 28,415 منهم , تستضيف انطاليا 4,709 شركة ,أنقرة لديها 2,690 شركة ,ازمير 2,239

وقال البيان ان اغلبية الشركات تعمل في تجارة الجملة والمفرق  ,عقارات ,نقل ,اتصالات ,التخزين 

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Foreign investment in Turkey increased by 32.4% in 2015

Foreign investment in Turkey reached to $16.583 billion in 2015 - an increase of 32.4 per cent compared to the previous year, the Anadolu Agency reported yesterday.
According to a statement by the Turkish Ministry of Economy, the net of direct foreign investment in December 2015 alone was $1.645 billion.
In 2015, 4,925 new foreign companies or branches of foreign companies were established in Turkey. In addition, foreign capital contributed to 199 local Turkish companies. This meant 47,187 companies in the country worked with foreign capital.
The majority of these companies operate in Istanbul which is home to 28,415 of them. Antalya hosts 4,709 companies; Ankara has 2,690 companies and Izmir 2,239.

The statement said the majority of the companies operate in retail and wholesale trade, real estate, transport, communications and storage.

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