Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Gulf investors maintain interest in Turkish property despite turmoil

Gulf property investors are likely to remain unfazed by the security concerns in Turkey, thanks to their tolerance for risk and the country’s economic potential.

Despite political uncertainty coupled with a recent intensifying of violent attacks from Kurdish PKK militants, property brokers say that interest from Gulf investors remains strong.
"GCC countries currently account for more than 50 per cent of all foreign sales and are expected to increase demand in the short to mid-term," said Diana Dogan, the head of research at the broker CBRE Istanbul.

    Earlier this month the Kuwaiti real estate firm Mazaya announced it had raised to 90 per cent its stake in Istanbul, a development of six tower blocks comprising more than 1,000 homes, 150 shops and nearly 100 offices.
    Mazaya, which signed the deal after the botched coup on July 15, is keen to pursue other opportunities in Turkey.
    "Any political disturbance internally or externally always has an impact on the market’s economic and financial situation following the external appetite for supply and demand, but this is a short-term effect," said a Mazaya spokeswoman. "The Turkish market has all the strong parameters to promote itself in the GCC."
    Source: www.thenational.ae/business/property/gulf-investors-maintain-interest-in-turkish-property-despite-turmoil

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    Friday, 12 August 2016

    Al Mazaya acquires 50% stake of a real estate project in Turkey

    Kuwaiti real estate firm Al Mazaya Holding has acquired 50% stake at Ritim Istanbul project in Turkey, raising its share of the project to 90%.

    The deal is valued at around $25m.

    On this occasion, the group CEO of Al Mazaya Holding, Eng Ibrahim Al Soqabi, said: “This acquisition reflects the confidence of Al Mazaya in Ritim Istanbul project; it also reflects the high potential of the project (especially as 80% of it has already been sold while construction is reaching 95% completion) and it has yielded positive returns on the company.”

    He added: “The deal has positive financial returns for Al Mazaya from the profits generated by the acquisition and also from consolidating the project’s balance sheet into ours—the handover of the project started in the second quarter of this year, which led to pocketing profits from this handover process.

    "Also, the revenue generated from leasing the retail space, which is already 60% leased, will yield positive financial returns for Al Mazaya and contribute to its profitability in the coming period.

    "This will prove to be particularly true with Al Mazaya’s stake in the project reaching 90%, which will be incorporated into the company's Q3 2016 balance sheets and profits once all deal procedures are finalised.”

    Source: http://www.constructionweekonline.com/article-40392-al-mazaya-acquires-50-stake-in-turkey-project/

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    Tuesday, 12 July 2016

    Istanbul preferred over London among Arab investors

    Despite being the first choice for wealthy Arabs in the world real estate market, London's attraction is melting away in the eyes of Arab investors after the Brexit vote, which has made Istanbul an alternative attraction center for Arabs. Real estate investors are rapidly selling properties in London. From July 23 onward, seven real estate funds have stopped transactions, which Turkish building contractors consider an opportunity. This is because many Arab home buyers consider Istanbul is the best alternative to London.

    According to the Akşam daily, the U.K. has received a major blow following its decision to leave the EU and lost its fifth position to France in the world ranking due to the loss of value in the British pound.
    Meanwhile, severe concussion in the economy has begun spreading sectors and companies in waves. The British real estate market, which has been a favorite investment area for Gulf states and Arabs, has been affected most by the shock.

    The significance of London, which was a safe haven for the wealthy Arabs to purchase houses and make investments, has been on a rapid decline after Brexit. Arab investors are selling off their real estate properties in the city and are the top players of withdrawal from the British real estate sector.

    Analysts warn about the possibility that office prices might drop by up to 20 percent in the U.K. within three years after secession from the EU, causing investors to rapidly withdraw their money from British real estate funds. The funds experienced a similar shock during the 2007 and 2008 crises and had to stop transactions, leading to a 40 percent fall in real estate prices in the U.K.

    Turkish building contractors think that the decline in British real estate market is an opportunity for Turkey as the money that the Arabs have withdrawn from the market will seek a new safe haven. They argue that there is no alternative to Istanbul in the world real estate market in terms of investment intensity and yields.

    Source: http://www.dailysabah.com/real-estate/2016/07/09/istanbul-preferred-over-london-among-arab-investors

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    Monday, 6 June 2016

    Abraaj moves into Turkish banking with Fibabanka buy

    Emerging markets focused private equity firm Abraaj Group said on Monday it had acquired a minority stake in Fibabanka to get a foothold in the Turkish banking sector.

    Abraaj's move to buy a 9.95 percent stake in Fibabanka comes days after British private equity firm Bridgepoint bought Turkish dried fruit and nuts producer Peyman in a deal sources said was worth some $110 million.

    Fibabanka will use the investment by Abraaj, which has about $9 billion in assets under management, to expand its franchise and support its growth, Abraaj said in a statement.

    Details of the Fibabanka deal were not disclosed, although Abraaj said that following the investment it will have deployed around $900 million of capital in Turkey since 2007.

    "The Turkish banking sector loan book has increased tenfold in the last decade, yet Turkey remains an under-leveraged market with a household debt to GDP ratio that is approximately a third of the Eurozone average," said Selcuk Yorgancoglu, Partner and Regional Head of Turkey and Central Asia at The Abraaj Group.

    "The country's young and rising middle class continues to fuel demand for loan products and Fibabanka is well-positioned to expand in the market."

    Established by leading Turkish businessman Husnu Ozyegin in 1987, the Fiba Group is also involved in real estate, retailing, hotel management and energy.

    Fibabanka was acquired by Fiba Group in 2010. It currently has 70 branches across 18 cities in Turkey, total assets of $4.3 billion and a loan book of $3.2 billion at the end of first quarter of 2016, the statement said. The bank's focus was on commercial, corporate and SME customer segments, it said.

    EBRD and IFC both have 9.95 percent stakes in Fibabanka.

    Turkish M&A activity has also been subdued, with only 41 transactions in the first four months of this year in the country, according to data from Ernst & Young, the lowest level since 2009, during the global financial crisis. (Reporting by Ebru Tuncay and David French in Dubai; Writing by Seda Sezer; Editing by Daren Butler and Alexander Smith)

    Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/turkey-fibabanka-abraaj-idUSL8N18Y0ML

    Thursday, 12 May 2016


    Turkish construction sector put a firm stamp at the Turkish-German Investment Summit organized by the Maleki Group, one of the leading financial communications companies of International Bankers Forum IBF Germany.
    “Turkey invested $50 billion in the construction sector in 2015. Our goal is to build 1.2 million houses by 2023. We will hold tenders for the construction of 60 thousand houses this year. Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) currently cooperates with 93 countries and will work with international partners in its new giant projects.” TOKİ Vice President Mehmet Özçelik said in his speech.
    During the summit, foreign investors were invited to invest in Turkey. “Those who believe in the value of Istanbul will win.” CEO of the sponsoring Cathay Group Mehmet Yılmaz indicated.
    Following are the 5 reasons why investing in Turkey is attractive for European investors:
    * Returns are around 20-22% in Turkey while 5-10% in Europe
    * Housing prices lower than Europe
    * Houses being renewed under urban transformation
    * Brand cities on the rise
    * Attractive in terms of location and natural beauties
    Source: http://www.byegm.gov.tr/english/agenda/those-who-believe-in-istanbul-will-win/94891

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    Friday, 29 April 2016

    Saudi firm invests $500M in real estate project in Istanbul

    Saudi Arabia-based Al Qemam Group's Akzirve Gayrimenkul will embark on two new real estate investments worth approximately $500 million in Istanbul. One of the projects is expected to bring in $1.25 billion in revenue, Akzirve Gayrimenkul CEO İbrahim Maasfeh said.

    Speaking at a press conference in which the company's investment plans were laid on the table, Maasfeh said, "At Al Qemam Group, we have carried out projects in several countries, including Turkey. However, we wanted to take part in the real estate sector as a developer as well. We are investing in two projects in the districts of Bahçeşehir and Zeytinburnu in Istanbul. The total cost of the two projects will be $500 million. We expect the project in Bahçeşehir to yield $500 million in revenue and the project in Zeytinburnu to bring in $750 million in revenue." Maasfeh also explained that the Saudi Arabian company has been operating in various sectors in Turkey for years.

    Maasfeh further explained that they are working on other projects that they will continue to develop: "We have lands in Antalya and we are working on two or three lands in Istanbul as well. We will continue to invest during the second half of 2016. Our priority will be Istanbul." He also said that they will develop a project for a logistics and storage area in Hadımköy, Istanbul with an investment of approximately $200 million. Commenting on their decision to invest in the real estate sector, Maasfeh said, "We have observed recent economic stability in Turkey; it is a safe harbor. The real estate sector has great growth potential. It is slowing down in some regions, but the regions that we chose to invest in are developing. We do not believe that there will be a backlog." He concluded by saying that they might participate to tenders orchestrated by institutions such as Emlak Konut and the Housing Development Administration (TOKİ).

    Source: http://www.dailysabah.com/real-estate/2016/04/30/saudi-firm-invests-500m-in-real-estate-project-in-istanbul

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    Monday, 28 March 2016

    Qatari CEO – Hamad el-Hedfa: There is only one Istanbul

    Top Manager (CEO) of one of the biggest property investment firms Mazaya Qatar, Hamad el-Hedfa says, “Property prices of Istanbul is lower than many metropolis in Europe. It is impossible to lose for one who invests in Istanbul. Because there is only one Istanbul. In medium and long term it is going to be a definite profit.” and underlines that the opportunities in the real estate market will continue in medium and long term.

    Commenting that Turkey is very essential for Qatar Hedfa said, in sense of economy Qatari people have big interest towards Turkey.

    Hedfa sees that the progress of the property sector in last 10 years as “Magnificent” and says “We believe the opportunities and resources will carry on in medium and long term in the near future.
    Hedfa explains that Turkey is reliable and convenient market in terms of investment according to them, believing strongly and not only consider but taking actions about investing in Turkey.  


    “In addition to the strategic macro cooperation and brotherhood between Qatar and Turkey, this new fund will attract attention of individual and corporate investors considering that there is a strong interest to Turkish property market.” Hedfa remarked.

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    الرئيس التنفيذي القطري حمد الحدفة يوجد فقط اسطنبول واحدة

    المدير الاعلى لواحدة من أكبر شركات الاستثمار العقاري (مزايا قطر ) حمد الحدفة قال :ان أسطنبول هي الاقل في سعر العقارات

    من عدة دول اوروبية ,من المستحيل ان يخسر من يستثمر في اسطنبول لانه لا يوجد سوى اسطنبول واحدة على المدى  المتوسط  والطويل سوف يكون الربح أكيد والاكثر اهمية الفرص في سوق العقارات سوف يستمر في المدى  المتوسط والطويل
    معلقا بان تركيا هي جوهر قطر, وقال ان حس اقصاد الشعب القطري لديه مصلحة كبيرة نحو تركيا
    ويرى حدفة بان استمرار قطاع العقارات في السنوات العشرة  الاخيرة كان رائع ,وقال :نحن نؤمن بأن الفرص والموارد سوف تقود الى المدى المتوسط والطويل في المستقبل القريب .ويشرح حدفة بان تركيا سوق مناسب وموثوق في شروط الاستثمار بالنسبة لها ,وتؤمن بقوة ولا تنظر فقط و لكن تاخد اعمال حول الاستثمار في تركيا
    الاهتمام الاقليمي قوي جدا

    بالاضافة الى التعاون الكلي والاستراتيجي والاخوي بين قطر وتركيا ,هذا راس مال جديد سوف يجذب انتباه الافراد ومستثمري الشركات باعتبار ان هناك مصلحة قوية لسوق العقار التركي ,لاحظ حدفة  

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    Thursday, 10 March 2016

    تركيا حيث اكثر ازدياد اسعار منازل في العالم

    وفقا لتقرير شركة القطاع العالمي القائم في انكلترا (كنايت فرانك )في 2015 تركيا كانت البلد حيث اسعار العقارات الاكثر ازديادا في العالم

    وفقا لتقرير السنة الماضية اسعار العقارات في تركيا ازدادت الى 18.4%

    ربط الشرق بالغرب ومع تنامي عدد السكان القوي تركيا تعتبر كميناء امن لمستثمرين الشرق اكثر واكثر (قالت كنايت فرانك )

    جدول اسعار المنازل العالمية الذي نشرته (فرانك ) يغطي 55 دولة

    وتزداد اسعار المنازل العالمية الى 3% في 2015 وفقا للتقرير 

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    Turkey is where the house prices have increased the most in the world

    According to report of global real estate company based in England 'Knight Frank', in 2015 Turkey was the country where the property prices increased the most in the world.

    According to the report, last year the property prices in Turkey increased by 18.4%

    "Connecting East and West and with strong population growth Turkey is considered as a safe harbor by the Eastern investors more and more" says Knight Frank.

    'Global House Price Index' report that Knight Frank published is covering 55 countries.

    Globally house prices increased by 3% in 2015 according to the report.

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    Tuesday, 8 March 2016

    Property Market in Turkey

    Property Market in Turkey

    written by "A Place in the Sun"

    With a vast and stunning coastline which gets easier to reach each year, southwest Turkey continues to attract British buyers in their thousands. Don’t jump in without reading our indispensible guide.
    Vibrantly diverse and one of our most exciting emerging markets, Turkey remains a mid-table mainstay of our Top Ten Places to Buy 2015.
    Each year it gets slightly easier to buy and a more firmly established market for overseas buyers – in fact at the close of 2014 it finally became a reality that purchasers of resale properties could get their title deeds in one day.
    Despite fierce competition in the last few years from the depressed property prices of Spain, Turkey still remains great alternative to the Costas for coastal properties well under the £100k threshold; whilst at the other end of the spectrum it attracts high-end buyers for its affordability when weighed against the Cote D’Azur or Sardinia.
    Its huge south-west coastline littered with ancient remains and unspoilt beaches still offers plenty of potential, and over 35,000 Brits own a property on the shores of the Mediterranean, along with a good number of Scandinavians, continental Europeans and a growing number of Russian and Middle Eastern investors. Some uncertainty surrounding the elections in Turkey is now over, and the Turkish lira is on its way back up as a result.
    Competitively low living costs are also a big factor, especially for the semi-retired or fully relocating families. Local produce, labour costs, healthcare, education and property taxes are all low; and how does council tax of £35 per year appeal? Utility costs are much lower than in nearby Cyprus.
    Winters are much warmer than the UK – at least in the southern seaside areas where British people usually buy and especially at the Antalya end of this vast coastline.
    It’s also getting easier to find a direct flight from the UK in the off-season.

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    Tuesday, 1 March 2016

    الاستثمار الاجنبي في تركيا يزداد الى 32,4% في 2015

    تقرير وكالة الاناضول البارحة ,الاستثمار الاجنبي في تركيا يصل الى 16,583 بيليون دولار في 2015 ,ازدياد الى 32,4% مقارنة بالسنة الماضية

    وفقا لبيان وزير الاقتصاد التركي كان صافي الاستثمار الاجنبي المباشر في كانو الاول 2015 فقط 1,645 بيلون دولار

    في ال 2015  4,925 شركات اجنبية جديدة وفروع لشركات اجنبية كانت قد أنشات في تركيا ’ بالاضافة لمساهمة رأس المال الاجنبي مع 199شركة محلية تركية , هذا يعني ان 47,187 شركة في البلد تعمل مع راس المال الاجنبي

    الاغلبية من هذه الدول تعمل في اسطنبول التي هي موطن ل 28,415 منهم , تستضيف انطاليا 4,709 شركة ,أنقرة لديها 2,690 شركة ,ازمير 2,239

    وقال البيان ان اغلبية الشركات تعمل في تجارة الجملة والمفرق  ,عقارات ,نقل ,اتصالات ,التخزين 

    الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا | www.saitgayrimenkul.com

    Foreign investment in Turkey increased by 32.4% in 2015

    Foreign investment in Turkey reached to $16.583 billion in 2015 - an increase of 32.4 per cent compared to the previous year, the Anadolu Agency reported yesterday.
    According to a statement by the Turkish Ministry of Economy, the net of direct foreign investment in December 2015 alone was $1.645 billion.
    In 2015, 4,925 new foreign companies or branches of foreign companies were established in Turkey. In addition, foreign capital contributed to 199 local Turkish companies. This meant 47,187 companies in the country worked with foreign capital.
    The majority of these companies operate in Istanbul which is home to 28,415 of them. Antalya hosts 4,709 companies; Ankara has 2,690 companies and Izmir 2,239.

    The statement said the majority of the companies operate in retail and wholesale trade, real estate, transport, communications and storage.

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    Monday, 29 February 2016

    مستثمرين من الامارات يشترون عقارات تركيا

    دبي ,تجارة العرب ,خدمة الاخبار

    مع تسهيل قوانين الاستثمار الاجنبي في تركيا عدد الصفقات العقارية التي تنطوي على مستثمرين منطقة الخليج وقال خبراء الصناعة في سيتي سكيب تركيه في اسطنبول ان الامارات ضربت رقما قياسيا في البلاد 

    وادى تسهيل قوانين الاستثمار الاجنبي الى ارتفاع الطلب على المشاريع العقارية الرئيسية ,وتتوقع مع انطلاق افتتاحية سيتي سكيب تركيه في اسطنبول  ان تجذب عدد من المستثمرين المتحمسين من الامارات للاستفادة من هذه السوق المتنامية ,ذاكرا الخبراء
    وذادت الصفقات العقارية التركية من قبل سكان الامارات 160% في السنتين الماضيتين ,وفقا لوزراء تركيا في السجل العقاري مع محاسبين مستثمرين الامارات لاكثر من 300,000 متر مربع من المساحة

    في 2015 اكثر من 500,000 من سكان الخليج زاروا تركيا

    قال متر مولمان مدير  سيتي سكيب غروب في انفورما المعارض منظمي الحدث  تركيا تجذب مستثمري الامارات من عدة مستويات في عامل الراحة من التشابه الثقافي مثل ,الطعام الحلال ,والمساجد الوافرة ,تحديد المواقع العالمية من مدينة كمدينة اسطنبول

    سادس اكبر اقتصاد اوروبي من (الانتاج المحلي الاجمالي )عن فائض 800 مليون دولار ,وتركيا ايضا سابع عشر اكبر اقتصاد في العالم والسادسة ك اكثر وجهة سياحية حيث جذبت في 2014 اكثر من 37 مليون زائر

    لا يزال القطاع العقاري في البلاد يجذب مستويات عالية من الاستثمار الاجنبي مع اكثر من 3,5 بيليون دولار في الاول من الربع الثالث من 2015 بالنسبة لجمعية البلاد من شركات الاستثمار العقاري

    www.saitgayrimenkul.com | الممتلكات التركية للبيع

    UAE investors buying Turkish property

    UAE investors buying Turkish property

    DUBAI, TradeArabia News Service

    With the relaxation of foreign investment laws in Turkey, the number of real estate transactions involving the Gulf region investors, mainly Emiratis, has hit a new high in the country, said industry experts ahead of the inaugural Cityscape Turkey in Istanbul.

    As the relaxation of foreign investment laws in Turkey have driven up the demand for prime real estate projects, the launch of the inaugural Cityscape Turkey is expected to attract a number of UAE investors keen to capitalise on this growing market, stated the experts.

    Turkish real estate transactions by UAE residents have increased by 160 per cent in the last two years, according to Turkey’s Ministry of Land Registry, with the Emirati investors accounting for more than 300,000 sq m of space.

    In 2015, over 500,000 Gulf residents visited Turkey.

    “Turkey appeals to the UAE investor on multiple levels, from the comfort factor of cultural similarities such as halal food and plentiful mosques, through to the cosmopolitan positioning of a city like Istanbul,” said Wouter Molman, the director of Cityscape Group at Informa Exhibitions, the event organisers.

    The sixth largest European economy with a current GDP (gross domestic product) -in excess of $800 billion, Turkey is also the 17th largest economy in the world and 6th most popular tourism destination, attracting 37 million international visitors in 2014.

    The country’s real estate sector continues to attract significant levels of foreign direct investment, with over $3.5 billion in the first to third quarter of 2015 according to Gyoder, the country’s association of real estate investment companies.

    www.saitgayrimenkul.com | Turkish Property for sale

    Wednesday, 24 February 2016

    Real Estate in Turkey

    Published — Sunday 21 February 2016

    JEDDAH: Turkey has granted several investment advantages to Saudis, including exemptions from customs duties and value added tax, tax cuts, support of social security premiums for employers and employees and the allocation of land for investments.

    Dr. Mustafa Köksal, an adviser to the Turkish prime minister, said in a press statement quoted by a local Saudi publication that the most promising sectors for investment in Turkey included the automotive sector where Turkey aims to produce 2 million vehicles in 5 years. Other sectors include the energy sector which is in need of $130 billion in investments until 2030 and the real estate sector, especially in Istanbul, the most advanced market in real estate since 2009.

    He said that Turkey ranked 6th position globally in terms of tourism in 2015 with tourism revenues amounting to more than $35 billion annually.

    On future prospects for the Turkish economy, he said the country would rank 16th in the industrial world and 2nd in Europe as a result of a series of structural reforms including the enactment of the foreign investment law, freedom of investment in the country, national treatment, protection against expropriation and other reforms.

    Ahmad Rizeq, an economist, said the current development opportunities in the two countries have seen the granting of many facilities that should be taken advantage of.

    “Turkey has granted Saudi investors many customs exemptions which could lead to further economic moves between the two countries during the coming years,” he added.

    www.saitgayrimenkul.com | Real estate investment in Turkey

    العقارات في تركيا

    جدة- منحت تركيا عدة استثمارات مميزة للسعودية تتضمن الأعغاء من الرسوم الجمركية والقيمة المضافة للتخفيضات الضريبية ودعم أقساط الضمان الأجتماعي لأصحاب العمل والموظفين وتوزيع أراضي للأسثمار
    الدكتور مصطفى كوكسال مستشار رئيس الوزراء التركي قال: في بيان صحفي نقل من نشرة أخبار سعودية محلية أغلبية القطاعات الواعدة للأستثمار في تركيا تتضمن قطاع السيارات حيث تهدف تركيا لأنتاج 2 مليون مركبة في 5 سنوات وقطاعات أخرى تتضمن قطاع الطاقة التي هي بحاجة الى 130 بيليون دولار في الأستثمار حتى 2030 وقطاع العقارات وخصوصا في اسطنبول وأغلبية الماركات المتقدمة ي القطاعات منذ 2009
    وقال: ان تركيا مصنفة السادسة عالميا من حيث السياحة ب 2015 مع عائدات السياحة التي بلغت أكثر من 35 بيليون دولار سنويا
    على الأفاق المستقبلية للاقتصاد التركي قال :ان البلد سوف يصنف في المرتبة السادسة عشر في العالم الصناعي وفي المرتبة الثانية في الأوروبي كنتائج سلسة من الأصلاحات الهيكلية تتضمن, سن قانون الاستثمار الأجنبي,حرية الأستثمار في البلد ,المعاملة الوطنية ,حماية ضد مصادرة الملكية ,وأصلاحات أخرى
    أحمد رزق خبير اقتصادي قال :ان فرص التنمية الحالية في البلدين شهدت منح تسهيلية يجب ان يستفاد منها
    وأضاف قائلا:تركيا منحت المستثمرين السعودين عدة اعفاءات جمركية التي تؤدي علاوة على ذلك الى تحركات اقتصادية بين البلدين خلال السنوات القادمة .

    Friday, 12 February 2016

    Turkey is popular with Gulf-based real estate investors

    Habertürk News - 10.02.2016

    Following a series of investment promotion meetings organized by the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) in London, UK and Davos, Switzerland, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu set off for the Gulf region. Addressing executives from Saudi Arabia’s 20 leading companies at a meeting in the country’s capital, Riyadh, Davutoğlu said that the two countries have several areas of cooperation and complement each other in many ways.

    Highlighting Turkish contractors’ international expertise in construction projects, Davutoğlu suggested that there are opportunities for collaboration in that sector between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. “Turkish contractors are well-known in the world,” he remarked, saying that Turkey ranked second in the world’s ‘Top 250 International Contractors’ list prepared by the industry magazine, Engineering News-Record.

    Saudi participants in the meeting said that they were eyeing the petrochemicals, renewable energy, Islamic finance, agriculture and defense sectors in Turkey for cooperation and investments.

    Attracting millions of tourists from the Gulf region each year, Turkey is also popular with Gulf-based real estate investors. During the past year, citizens of Gulf countries emerged as the top buyers of Turkish property with nearly half of some 22,000 acquisitions made by foreigners in Turkey being underwritten by the citizens of Gulf countries

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    تركيا مشهورة مع المستثمرين العقاريين القائمين في منطقة الخليج

    بعد سلسلة من الأجتماعات لترويج الأستثمار نظمت لدعم الأستثمار وتقديم وكالة تركية في لندن ,سويسرا , تركيا وضعها رئيس الوزراء أحمد داود أوغلو في منطقة الخليج

    مواجهة نحو 20 من المديريين التنفيذين في شركة سعودية رائدة في أجتماع في العاصمة الرياض وقال داوود اوغلو :ان البلدين يمتلكان عدة مناطق للتعاون ويكمل كل منهما الاخر في نواحي كثيرة

    ويسلط الضوء على خبرات عقود عالمية في مشاريع الأنشاء .داوود اوغلو اقترح فرص للتعاون في ذالك القطاع بين تركيا والمملكة العربية السعودية عقود معروفة جيدا في العالم ,لاحظ قائلا ان تركيا صنفت الثانية في العالم **في قائمة أفضل 250 عقود دولية من قبل مجلة الصناعات الهندسية سجل في التكنلوجيا الجديدة التي أعدت **
    السعودية شاركت في الأجتماع التي تطلع اليه كالبيتروكيماويات ,الطاقة القابلة للتجديد ,بنوك اسلامية ,قطاع الزراعة والحماية في تركيا للتعاون والأستثمار

    كل عام تجذب ملايين السياح من منطقة الخليج ,تركيا هي ايضا مشهورة مع المستثمريين العقاريين القائمين في منطقة الخليج خلال السنة الماضية ,ظهر ان مواطني دول الخليج اكبر مشتري عقارات في تركي مع ما يقارب نصف من بعض 22,000 أستحواذ الصنع من قبل اجانب من تركيا وتم توقيعها من قبل مواطنين من دول الخليج .

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