Saturday, 25 October 2014

New regulation for square meter declaration in Turkey

It is stated that with the new regulation for square meter declaration in house sales, confusion will be end in the sector, and consumer rights will be protected. 

With the instruction of İdris Güllüce, Minister of Environment and Urban Planning, a new regulation is being prepared for real estate sales. With the regulation, confusion in the sector will end in housing sales. 
Turkey prepares new regulation for square meter declaration
Consumers were not able to claim a right, when there was a disagreement about square meter of house. Thanks to new regulation, if square meter of house is lower than the stated size on sales agreement, this situation constitutes a crime. 
All administrations, which are authorized to make building license, have been informed by General Directorate of Professional Services to implement the “Zoning Regulations”. Gross and net area of houses will be determined according to this regulation. 
Tahir Tellioğlu, President of Confederation of Construction Contractors, said that consumers were worrying for years about the square meter of houses.

Tellioğlu stated that with the new regulation for square meter declaration in real estate sales, confusions will end. 
“Unfortunately, there are many rotten apple in the contracting sector. They constitute distrust in the sector. However, this regulation will finish the lack of confidence. We support this project,” he said.

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