Monday, 22 September 2014

House prices in Turkey increased by 16.76%

House prices in Turkey...

In August, new and second hand houses’ average price increased by 1.45 percent compared to previous month and 16.76 percent on a yearly basis. 

According to the Reidin Real Estate Indices, which are prepared by and GYODER (Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Companies Association) with the support of Garanti Mortgage, in August 2014, new house prices also increased by 0.4 percent compared to the previous month and 8.35 percent on a yearly basis.

The largest increase was in Istanbul.

In August, the largest price increase per square meter was in Istanbul with 1.81 percent.

In the same period, house prices increased by 1.35, 1.28, 0.89, 0.88, 0.75, 0.57 percent in Bursa, Antalya, Izmir, Adana, Kocaeli and Ankara.

Indices also show that 22 percent of branded house sales were made to the foreigners, in August. Six-month average of sales to the foreigners was 18 percent.


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أسعار المنازل في تركيا

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Great attention from Arab investors to the Real Estate Fair Turkey

CNR Emlak 2014 - Real Estate Fair, Turkey’s biggest real estate event, hosts many investors from the world, especially from the Gulf countries.

Alongside Turkish companies, some Arab companies also attend to the fair. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Nihat Zeybekçi, Minister of Economy, said that Turkey has become an attractive country for foreigners with its investment climate, stability and economic growth.

Maknoon Group, one of the largest real estate investment companies of Middle East, attends to the fair.  Muhammed Alalyani, CEO of Maknoon Group, said that Maknoon Group will pave the way for Saudi investors to invest in Turkey.

Jamila Öztürk, General Manager of Maknoon Group, stated that they made $250 million investment in Turkey, and added, “We do not have a limit for investment. We have investments in Istanbul, Yalova and Sapanca cities in Turkey. We are preparing to build towns in Turkey, not just projects.”

Al Tilal’s owner Ali Al-Bayati also spoke at the fair. He said, "Turkey’s value in the eyes of Arabs has increased. Reasons of that are both economic and politic. As long as there is stability, Arab capital will continue to flow to Turkey.”

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بيوت للبيع في تركيا

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

House prices increases by 20% in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey’s central bank published the House Price Index for Turkey (THPI) report. According to the report, house prices in Istanbul increased by 20 percent compared to the last year. 

Data shows that THPI increased by 1.62 percent on a monthly basis and reached to 157.92 in June. Compared to the same month of the last year, in June 2014, THPI increased by 13.99 percent and by 4.42 percent in real terms. While house prices per square meter was 1,239.07 TL in 2013 June, and it reached to 1,405.43 TL in May of this year.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Azerbaijanis among top five

Azerbaijani businessmen play an important role in the economic development of Istanbul.

The number of Azerbaijanis who buy real estate in Turkey is growing.
Oxu.Az reports with reference to ANS PRESS that Azerbaijan was among the top five countries who buy real estate in Turkey.

According to Turkish media, for this reason, the Turkish real estate agencies have started to operate in Azerbaijan.