Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Turkey-UK trade to reach highest level in 2013 with15 bln USD

Chairman of Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TBCCI) Emma Edhem stated the trade between United Kingdom (UK) and Turkey will reach 15 billion USD in 2013, which would be the highest level yet.

Saying the UK investment in Turkey has reached 6 billion USD, whereas Turkish investment in UK is approaching 1.6 billion USD in the last decade, Edhem told AA in an exclusive interview that the trade volume between the countries had sustained a growth rate of about 9 percent each year between 2003-2007.

"The highest trade volume was obtained in 2008 with 14 billion USD from 2008. We have seen a slight drop due to the financial crisis. In 2013, the trade between UK and Turkey is expected to reach 15 billion USD, which is the highest level yet," Edhem said. "I think that these are remarkable figures, it's very significant and this is built of a period of the years of these economic boom. It’s been a good progress but it has been over the last ten years that we have seen Turkey has taken the platform that it has on a worldwide basis."

Source: http://www.portturkey.com

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